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    The Business Case for Employee Engagement ("Creating a Unique Competitive Advantage")

    Date: February 19, 2015, 11:15am – 1:00pm
    CenterPoint Conference Park
    Conference Center/Commons Building
    (Adjacent to Alki Bakery)
    20809 72nd Ave S
    Kent, WA 98032
    Early Registration: SKCHRA Chapter Members are $27.00, Non-SKCHRA Chapter Members are $32.00 and Students are $17.00 (Meal Deal Card Holders save 10%)
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    This presentation will provide HR professionals with a business case that demonstrates the business impact of engagement. The audience will learn how engaged employees create competitive advantage, and will see practical examples of how engagement has driven business results for companies. HR practitioners will understand the key areas that create engagement, and will be armed with information to create the business case with their leaders. The HR leader will walk away with a clear understanding of how HR can co-create the conditions of engagement with their business leaders.

    At the end of this talk, the attendees will be able to quantify the value of employee engagement – raising the urgency and importance of engagement inside their organizations!

    Attendees will learn:
    •How engaged teams create a competitive advantage
    •Why every CEO should care
    •Engagement and the bottom line
    •The state of engagement
    •Who is really responsible for employee engagement
    •The foundations of employee engagement
    •Creating the conditions for engagement – what HR can do

    Participants will learn how to discuss engagement in business related, bottom line terms. This will allow the topic of engagement to be one focused on business results, verses an HR initiative that has no leadership backing.

    The presenter will open by making a comparison between a winning/competitive sports team, and a winning corporate team. There will be strong, memorable correlations between the factors that create a competitive advantage in sports and in business. The presentation will include statistics, case studies, and examples from the presenters work within organizations and with clients. The presentation will include ideas and action steps after each section that shows how the HR leader can implement foundational engagement practices in their organizations. More importantly, the HR leader will learn how to create the ownership and buy-in from senior leadership, so engagement becomes a business goal and not just another HR initiative.

    The presenter will provide relevant information that can be used to build the business case. The audience will be able to determine the areas where they can begin to build out engagement initiatives. They will be equipped with what they need to have a new, more business focused dialogue with the CEO or senior leader. HR leaders will understand how to tie people metrics to business outcomes.


    Business (Strategic) Credit


    Presented By:

    Deneen Grant, SPHR

    Deneen has an extensive HR background, with more than 18 years of experience. She’s held key
    HR positions within the banking and financial services industry, to include: Senior HR Generalist; HR Business Partner; Assistant VP; Director of HR; and Senior VP. In these roles, it was Deneen’s responsibility to advise, coach, train and develop leaders at all levels, from front-line Supervisor to CEO.

    Deneen has witnessed firsthand the impact leadership has on business outcomes. She is on a mission to equip companies with the leadership practices and culture that foster growth and sustain business success. Deneen is the founder and CEO of Progressive Leadership Group, a leadership strategy firm. Progressive Leadership Group helps CEOs, owners, and senior executives put the right leaders, with the right skills, in the right roles, to drive mission-driven and high performance culture.

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