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Employment Screening

    What Every Employer Should Know

    Screening Verifies Integrity

    Employment application fraud is rampant: estimates of fraudulent content are as high as 50 percent of all applications and resumes submitted. Employment screening (including drug testing) is concerned with applicant integrity. By performing a legally permissible, legitimate background check, an employer can measure the integrity of the applicant by comparing the application, resume and interview responses to the objective facts compiled in the screening report.

    Past Performance Predicts Future Results

    A common human resources idiom is that, “past performance predicts future performance.” What the employee has done in the past is a good indicator (although admittedly not foolproof) of how the individual will operate in the future. Background screening attempts to reveal how an applicant has acted with respect to the law, schools, employers and the court system.

    Screening Reduces Negligent Hiring Risk

    Employers are legally liable for the actions of their employees under the so-called “negligent hiring” doctrine. However, that risk is mitigated when the employer has made a good faith effort to obtain information that is “reasonably available,” and when they have acted appropriately in light of that information. Background screening and drug testing provide the needed information to mitigate potential exposure to negligent hiring lawsuits.


    South King County SHRM is proud to partner with Alliance 2020, a premier background screening company in Puget Sound servicing clients of all sizes and in a variety of industries. 

    Alliance 2020 is the only Accredited Background Screening Company in Puget Sound.  After passing rigorous audits by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, we were awarded this distinction in February of 2015.

    Since 1987, Alliance 2020 has been providing invaluable support to employers, business owners, property managers and mortgage companies.  Conveniently located in Renton, Washington, our services include, but are not limited to:  employment screening; nanny screening; and vendor/contractor screening.  Expert services are also available for substance abuse/alcohol testing. DOT mandated reporting, testing and 3rd party administration.  Fully automated Form I-9 and E-Verify Managing and Storing and Fingerprinting services are also available.

    We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service.  Our researchers are fully trained and qualified providing reports to our customers as quickly as within 24 hours and most are completed within 48 hours. 

    Contact: Gavin Bray
    Phone: 425-264-1019 or 800-289-8065
    Address: 304 Main Ave South, suite 202
    Renton, WA 98057