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Eligibility Requirements

    The PHR and SPHR are generalist exams and assess knowledge of the entire domestic HR field.

    The GPHR exam is intended for HR professionals who develop and implement global HR strategies, oversee international assignment management and manage HR operations overseas.

    All exams require that individuals have at least two years of work experience as described below:

    • At least 51 percent of your daily activities are within the human resource function. 
    • Those activities are at the exempt (professional) level as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act or its equivalent outside of the United States.

    Eligibility is determined by the information found in the work experience section of the application and, if necessary, on the completed supporting documentation form and any accompanying documentation. If you are found ineligible, there is no appeal process. It is in your best interest to ensure that supporting documentation clearly demonstrates two years of exempt-level (professional) HR work experience.

    Selecting the Appropriate Exam

    You should choose the exam that best represents your mastery of the HR body of knowledge.

    The Ideal PHR Candidate

    • Has tactical/logistical orientation.
    • Focuses on program implementation rather than creation.
    • Has two to four years of exempt-level (professional) generalist experience.

    The Ideal SPHR Candidate

    • Design and plans rather than implements.
    • Has extensive knowledge of all aspects of HR and ultimate responsibility in the HR department.
    • Has four to eight years of progressive exempt-level (professional) experience.

    The Ideal GPHR Candidate

    • Develops and implements global HR strategies.
    • Manages cross-border HR operations and international assignments.
    • Has at least two years of exempt-level (professional) experience in international HR.