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2018 Meeting Venues

    During the past year we have experimented with holding our monthly Chapter Meetings at different venues as well as different times.  Why?  Because our members asked us to!  Some people find early meetings most convenient while others prefer mid-day.  And while Centerpoint Conference Center has been our “go-to” for quite a while due to its central location and flexible catering deadlines, we know that a change of scenery can be nice, too.  The feedback we have received from you has been really helpful so we will continue to offer variety throughout 2018. 

    Our first quarter schedule is set:  January will be a breakfast meeting, and both February and March will be lunch meetings, all on Thursdays at CenterPoint Conference Center and catered by Alki Bakery.

    As we continue to explore different venue options, we welcome your suggestions.  We may even look at trying a different day of the week since some folks have ongoing conflicts with our regular Thursdays.  We will make sure that any different location, time or day is clear to everyone so you can plan accordingly.