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2018 Meeting Fees

    In 2018 we are modifying our meeting fee structure, both to simplify and to keep up with rising costs.  In the past, when registering you paid an extra fee to Eventbrite; now the Chapter will absorb these fees and will instead just charge enough to cover them.  Both venue and food costs have also continued to rise.  While we are pleased that we have not increased our meeting fees since 2015, we will do so in 2018 to get closer to break-even on our meetings instead of operating at a loss.

    Effective January 2018, advance registration for Chapter members will be $35; non-members will be $45.  Late/door registration will be $42 for Chapter members and $52 for non-members. Gluten-free and vegetarian meals will be offered at the same price when you register in advance.

    Meal Deal cards are a terrific deal and Chapter members can purchase them to use for themselves and for hosting guests.  We ask that a non-member attend as a “Meal Deal guest” once per year, though you may invite different people as guests throughout the year.  Meal Deal cardholders also get discounted registration to our Annual Half-Day Event in the fall!

    • A 5-Meal Deal card is $150, a 14% savings over individual meeting costs; click here to purchase. 
    • A 9-Meal Deal card is $280, a 20% savings over individual meeting costs; click here to purchase.