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SHRM Foundation Conference and Exposition Scholarships

    The SHRM Foundation will be awarding seven scholarships to attend the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition in Washington, D.C., June 19-22, 2016. The Foundation wants to enable HR professionals and students who have been unable to experience this event--due to a lack of financial support--to have the opportunity to attend. The scholarships are targeted to those least likely to receive support from their organizations, including professionals who are currently unemployed, work in a small business or non-profit, or work for the government or military. 

    Scholarships will be awarded to one individual in each of SHRM’s five domestic regions, plus one student member and one military veteran (from any region). Each award, valued at nearly $2,500, will include:   

    • Complimentary full-conference registration*
    • Up to four-night hotel stay in Washington, DC**
    • $500 travel stipend

    *Pre-conference sessions, seminars and guest registration not included.
    **Housing will be provided at a conference hotel of SHRM’s choice.


    Application Deadline: March 10, 2016
    Applications open on February 22. Winners will be announced on or before April 8. All applicants will be notified of results via e-mail.
    Who is Eligible

    To be eligible for an award, applicants must be ONE of the following:

    • Employed full or part-time by:
        o An organization with fewer than 100 employees
        o The state, local or federal government
        o The U.S. military
    • Unemployed and/or a full-time student

    • A U.S. military veteran

    Applicants for the Veteran's Scholarship must have served in the active U.S. military, naval or air service, and been discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable. They may be working in any size organization. 

    In addition, all applicants must

    • Have a current SHRM membership as of March 10, 2016  
    • Not receive any organizational support or reimbursement to attend the conference
    • Not have attended the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition in the past five years (prior to 2011).

    Who is NOT Eligible:

    Individuals who meet any of the following criteria will not be considered for this award:

    • Attended the Annual Conference & Exposition within the past five years.
    • Already registered to attend the 2016 Annual Conference & Exposition.
    • Employed in a for-profit or non-profit organization of more than 100 employees. (Not including government or military.)
    • Non-SHRM members.
    • Members of local SHRM chapters who are not SHRM members.

    Expectations of Scholarship Recipients

    If selected for an award, applicants must confirm their ability to attend the 2016 event and provide their tax ID number. Winners will be expected to maintain a current SHRM membership throughout 2016. They must be willing to sign a release form so they can be featured in conference promotions, possibly including-- but not limited to--live appearances on stage, press and video interviews, and ‘meet and greet’ sessions with sponsors and Board members. Scholarship winners will be expected to provide a follow-up interview to SHRM and/or the SHRM Foundation after the event to discuss their experiences and to share what they have learned.

    Application Requirements

    To apply for this award, please complete the online application form. (No paper forms will be accepted.) This includes:

    • Contact & demographic information
    • Three short essay questions about your career and learning objectives
    • Your resume
    • A statement of support from your supervisor, professor, or colleague*-  Download the Statement of Support template

    *This statement may be completed by a work colleague, current or former supervisor, professor, volunteer colleague or other professional contact. Statements from family members of the applicant will not be accepted. Please upload your completed statement as part of your online application.

    We are confident that there will be many deserving candidates for these awards. The review committee will be selecting individuals with financial need whom they believe are most likely to leverage this learning opportunity.  They will seek candidates who are eager to learn and who plan to apply the skills and knowledge gained to benefit their careers, their organizations and their communities.  New HR professionals are encouraged to apply.

    - Apply for a Conference Scholarship

    - Preview the application
    (This allows you to view the application before completing it. Do not use this link to submit an application.)

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