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2014 Meal Deal

    Opportunity to Spend Less & Save More!

     Save 10% on SKCHRA chapter meetings plus $5.00 or more on SKCHRA events.  Use your card for guests. Invite others in your organization to use your card when you cannot attend a meeting.  Meal Deal will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and time-consuming expense reports.  Your employer will appreciate your cost-conscious decision to purchase a 2014 Meal Deal Card.  Members who have used the Meal Deal Card value the convenience!

    If you are a SHRM* member who has designated the South King County Human Resources Association as your primary chapter, you may purchase a convenient Meal Deal Card at any SKCHRA chapter meeting or through our website’s meeting registration page.  Cards may be used for attendance at any 2014 SKCHRA chapter meeting of your choice.

    The following Meal Deal packages are available with a savings of 10% or more:



    2014 Meal Deal - 5 Meals  


    2014 Meal Deal - 9 Meals  


    Meal Deal card holders must still register during the pre-registration period for any meeting they plan to attend. This helps to insure adequate seating, food and hand-outs are available for everyone.

    *The SKCHRA is a “100%” chapter meaning, our entire membership belongs to SHRM and there is no additional fee to designate us as your home chapter.

    Please ask any Board member if you would like information about joining SHRM.