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September Meeting:HR’s Leadership Role: Facilitating the Tough Conversation


    Preapproved for Strategic Credit

    HR’s Leadership Role: Facilitating the Tough Conversation. 

    The Human Resource function in any organization will not have an equal seat at the leadership table until senior HR leaders become full partners with their C.E.O. How does a senior HR leader demonstrate this kind of strategic value when so much of what they deliver to the organization is tactical in nature?  The staff and managers within an HR department have a unique perspective not shared by any other function. The work of HR touches every facet of the organization and when things aren’t functioning, often the HR staff or managers are among the first to hear about it. The recognition that this unique perspective offers a strategic role for HR executives, as well as their staff, is long overdue; acting on this recognition is an even more pressing issue. Being willing to step in to facilitate the tough conversations that need to take place between and among managers at all levels sets the HR leader up as full partner to any C.E.O.  By the end of this presentation, everyone in attendance will receive a template that can be used to help you design these challenging conversations.


    Mike Cook has 25 + years’ experience working in a wide range of industries and working environments as a designer, facilitator, coach and project team lead on major cultural change initiatives. His experience includes initiatives in petroleum refining, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare and insurance systems. 

    Mike’s expertise includes:


    •           High performance team development

    •           Organizational design, development and alignment

    •           Executive and team coaching, facilitation and development

    •           Large scale technology systems implementation and optimization

    •           Merging cultures

    •           Assisting senior leadership teams and HR teams to design management practices and working environments that encourage engagement and contribution


    He currently publishes a weekly Blog The Heart of Engagement which was chosen as a Best Leadership Blog by HR Examiner in 2010 and Human Capital Institute in 2011.







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