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September Book Drawing

    Come to the September meeting and have a chance to win the book – The Virtual Manager by Kevin Sheridan


    If your organization is transitioning from the traditional to the virtual workplace or if you simply want your virtual team to be more successful, you should check out Kevin Sheridan’s book, The Virtual Manager.   Sheridan’s book offers practical, no-nonsense advice for business leaders, leaders of virtual teams and virtual team members.

    In today’s work environment, it can be confusing to classify employees as telecommuters, teleworkers, remote workers or employees with flexible work arrangements.  Sheridan broadly classifies all of these employees as virtual workers and then quickly covers the benefits of a more mobile, virtual workforce.  Thankfully, Sheridan doesn’t spend too much time discussing the business case for having a virtual staff (much of this has been covered ad nauseam over the past few years).  Instead, he jumps right into recommendations for solving current problems leaders face, such as building trust in virtual teams, selecting the right virtual managers and employees, increasing employee engagement and managing virtual workers.       

    The mere suggestion of employees working from home is enough to make many managers sweat. Faced with the prospect of managing an employee they can't even see, many discover that their managerial style just doesn't work anymore. As an increasing number of jobs can be executed from home, managers must learn how to adapt their leadership style to cater to remote employees.

    Based on years of research, The Virtual Manager provides any manager with the tools he or she needs to successfully work with virtual employees. Trust us: it's not like managing office-bound employees! This book is a tell-all user manual for a new generation of managers.


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