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Autumn is in the air and so is change.

    Autumn is in the air and so is change.

    It’s late August as I write this article and I am thinking about how fast and short our summer was this year.  Autumn will be here very soon and the trees will start changing colors.  We’ve got a lot of change coming our way this year.  For those of us doing business in Seattle, it’s the Seattle Paid Sick and Safe Leave Act.  Later in November we’ll be voting for a president, a governor and at least one initiative that will have far reaching implications for employers in the State of Washington.  It will definitely be interesting.

    I once heard that as Human Resource professionals, one of our many roles can be as facilitators.  We might not have the “solution”, but we bring together the folks that can help find a solution.  I’ve come to find that being the facilitator is a crucial role in any organization and can be the impetus for many positive things.  Our ability to relate to others, communicate and bridge the gaps are some of the key traits that every facilitator must possess.

    We have had some fantastic speakers this year that all touched on this subject directly and indirectly.  Our September speaker, Mike Cook, will present a fantastic topic titled “HR’s Strategic Leadership Role—Initiating the Tough Conversations”.  His presentation is timely and relevant given that facilitating change often requires “tough conversations”.  I know we’ll all be busy this next month and I encourage you to take time out to attend this chapter meeting.  We owe it to ourselves and our organizations.


    No matter what happens in November, we’ll have plenty of change to endure, conversations to take place and solutions to facilitate.  Have a great autumn and I hope to see you all at the September meeting.

    Best regards,

    Greg Carpenter, MBA, SPHR



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