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SKCHRA is alive on the Internet

    SKCHRA is alive on the Internet

    As I am certain all our members know, we’ve had a Web site for a very long time.  Recently we switched to a different format that works in conjunction with SHRM’s main web site.  We think it’s been a very positive change and we’ve only scratched the surface on how it can be used to best benefit our chapter members.  If you haven’t seen our site, it can be found at:  While you’re there, consider joining as it will provide access to other features.

    We have also had a presence on LinkedIn for several years now.  Here we have a group that is designated for our chapter.  Basically it’s a forum for posting messages and questions.  If you’re not presently a member of this group, I encourage you to join it.  There is a lot of positive activity there on a regular basis.  It does require that you create a LinkedIn profile, which is a great idea regardless just for the networking features that LinkedIn provides.  Our LinkedIn group can be found under “Groups” titled “South King County HR Association”.

    Recently we created a Facebook page.  Our Facebook page is growing and can be found at this URL:  If you’re on Facebook, I encourage you to consider following our group by “liking” it.   Links to our Website blog are posted there as well along with information about our chapter activities.  It’s a great place to post messages and provide feedback regarding chapter events.

    Lastly, we have a Twitter account where we often post messages.  Our Twitter page can be found at:  Messages about our chapter activities are often posted here as well. 


    I encourage you to connect to your chapter with one or all of these social media sources and please let us know if you have ideas to make it better.  After all, the purpose of these sites is to serve our chapter.


    Greg Carpenter

    Social Media Communication Chair

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