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New Guidance on Seattle Paid Sick and Safe Time

    New Guidance on Seattle Paid Sick and Safe Time


    The Seattle Paid Sick Time and Paid Safe Time Ordinance (“Ordinance”) will go into effect on September 1, 2012 which will be here before you know it.  Are you ready? The Seattle Office of Civil Rights, the agency charged with adopting regulations implementing the Ordinance and enforcing it once it goes into effect, has issued final regulations interpreting the Ordinance. Highlights of the final regulations are:


    • Telecommuting outside of Seattle is not covered, but telecommuting within Seattle is covered.


    • Employers who satisfy the Ordinance by providing paid and sick safe time regardless of where the work is performed are not required to track hours worked in Seattle.


    • Employees who travel to Seattle and make a stop as part of their work, such as to make a delivery or a sales call, are covered. Employees who travel through Seattle but do not stop, or stop only incidentally such as to fill up on gas or change a tire, are not covered by the Ordinance for time spent traveling through Seattle.


    The Seattle Office of Civil Rights has also published a brochure and a poster that employers can use to provide notice to employees regarding the Ordinance.


    By Deidra Nguyen, Attorney At Law


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