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Creating a Culture of Self-Responsibility


    Strategic Credit

    What one factor can be the catalyst for organizational success?  In this session Bobby Bakshi will bring to life a model of self-responsibility that puts action behind some well-known scientifically proven concepts.  Recognizing that intrinsic motivation is a key driver to great employee engagement and innovation, Bobby Bakshi has developed a seven-step model for leaders, individual contributors and organizations to bring the elements to life.  Join Bobby in this interactive session where you’ll have the opportunity to practice this model and gain a deeper understanding of what drives your individual success.  Leave this session with a tangible “how to” that you can take back to your organization and implement.


    Bobby Bakshi has a track record of driving results through marketing, branding and innovation for Fortune 500 companies for over two decades and has recently worked with small and mid-sized businesses.  Bobby was the visionary who created a people development program for Microsoft to partner effectively with vendors in India for greater productivity, collaboration and raising the bar on higher results. He has a focus on culture leading to brand value, integrating both employees and customers toward a common purpose. He created Resonant Insights, a strategic insights consultancy to help organizations discover what delights customers the most and how to connect with customers most authentically.  Bobby is also the author of “The 101% You: Seven Steps to Creating the Life of Your Choice” and is a frequent speaker on the subjects of organizational culture and purpose.  You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

    Bobby Bakshi | Chief Inspiration Officer | 425.999.9984



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