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April 2012 Chapter Meeting: The Annual Review: Is it Necessary?

    Annual performance reviews usually are a waste of time.  They are too infrequent and too formal to be of any value for the person being reviewed. They are something managers feel they have to do, not something they see as a tool to improve the performance of their group.

    During this presentation we will:


    • Expose the common myths about the annual review.
    • Discover why most review systems are the cause for unfair pay practices.
    • Demonstrate how most systems are the root cause for poor team and business performance.
    • Review a case study where the annual review was abolished and what was done instead.

    About the presenter:

    Harry Franzheim

    Harry has over 25 years of HR experience.  He holds a graduate degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University and an undergraduate degree from Ithaca College’s School of Health and Human Performance. He is certified in Organizational Systems Renewal, Advanced Employment Law, Kaizen Breakthrough Methodology, Demand-Based Manufacturing, and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

    Harry speaks frequently at seminars throughout the Northwest. His achievements include organizational design and development with Continental Mills, Inc. (Krusteaz) and Mikron Industries where he helped create and lead cutting-edge work systems that increased the bottom line.

    Currently, Harry is the President/Owner of New Era HR Solutions, a staffing and leadership Development Company that services small to medium sized manufacturing companies in the south end of Seattle.

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