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The Aging Workforce

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    The Reality in the U.S. Workforce: Why This Matters

    • 35% of U.S. labor force participants will be age 50+ in 2022. (Up from 25% in 2002.)
    • 45% of unemployed people age 55 to 64 report being unemployed long-term, 27+ weeks (vs. 33% of unemployed 25-34 year-olds)
    • 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day

    Top Five Advantages of Hiring Older (Mature) Workers (age 50+)

    77% -- More work experience/knowledge
    71% -- More maturity/professionalism
    70% -- Stronger work ethic
    63% -- Ability to serve as mentors to younger workers
    59% -- More reliability

    Source: SHRM Preparing for an Aging Workforce Survey

    Goals of an Aging Workforce Strategy

    • Retain and engage older workers as long as possible
    • Transfer their knowledge to younger employees before they leave
    • Leverage their skills after they retire
    • Recruit older talent from outside

    Getting Started in Your Organization

    1. Access free SHRM Foundation resources:
    2. Build the business case for hiring and retaining mature workers
    3. Assess the state of your aging workforce
    4. Recruit and retain mature workers
    5. Engage mature workers, even beyond retirement